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Craid D.
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I used half of a bag of these in a pheasant and mushroom casserole and they were awesome. I heated up some water (steaming hot but not boiling) and poured it into a bowl with these for about 15 minutes, and covered the bowl with plastic wrap. they softened right up and I saved the water and cooked it into the sauce I was making in place of some of the chicken broth. These were great. There is no substitute for the real thing but the season for morels is so short you need to have a backup option in the offseason.
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These are great because they are shelf stable longer than typical fresh mushrooms. Because they're dehydrated, they need to be soaked in water for about ten minutes. Once rehydrated, you can cut them up or leave them whole to add flavor, nutrients, and color to a myriad of recipes. I used about a third of the package in an Asian dish and they were wonderful! I'd recommend these Morel dried mushrooms.
Walking Onion
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I and my guests were very skeptical of having mushrooms in coffee. We were pleasantly surprised with the taste, it's smooth and not too strong, but don't have that dirty taste you can sometimes get from mushrooms. I brewed a pot for my guests, not telling them it was the mushroom version, and they didn't believe me after tasting it. If you find value in the nutritional profile of mushrooms, this is a great way to get the nutrition in something you already consume. Win win!
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This is nice decaf coffee. It is strong enough, as expected. My husband loves mushroom coffee and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s very flavorful, with a hint of bitterness which goes away fast and doesn’t leave bitter aftertaste. I recommend trying this coffee.
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Fried in tempura batter. After soaking an hour. Loved them so much added veggies to middle picture this 2bd serving with hot chili sauce. Yum
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These morels are a good size and have the wonderful morel smell. They are one of the best source I have been able to find. After soaking them in hot water for about an hour, they were just like fresh mushrooms. I’d like to make this morel soup with beef, tastes good. By the way, there are still quite a lot of crumbs in the bag.
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Fried in tempura batter. After soaking an hour. Loved them so much added veggies to middle picture this 2bd serving with hot chili sauce. Yum
Kimberly Woodward Alexander
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Pricey but the taste is very good.

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