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  • PREMIUM MUSHROOMS: Cordyceps mushrooms are nutrient-packed and rich in antioxidants.
  • NUTRIENT DENSE: Use our 4 oz. mushroom extract powder in soups, smoothies, and sauces, or sprinkle it on your favorite foods. Our product is gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO.
  • HEALTHY GIFT: Health enthusiasts will love the hearty benefits of our mushroom supplements. It has a savory umami quality and a deep earthy-nutty flavor that especially pairs well with broths.
  • KS Mushroom Store: We are a US-based company that offers a variety of over 25 different mushroom products, including coffee, supplements, and dried mushrooms.


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Introducing our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder – a potent and nutritious addition to your pantry that will revitalize your culinary creations. This premium powder is packed with essential nutrients and unique adaptogenic properties, making it the perfect ingredient for a healthy and invigorating dining experience. Our Cordyceps mushrooms are carefully harvested from pristine, organic environments to ensure the finest quality and taste. Once harvested, they are gently air-dried using traditional methods, preserving their natural goodness and distinctive flavors while maintaining their vibrant golden hue. This versatile dried mushroom powder can be easily incorporated into a variety of dishes, adding a subtle earthy and slightly sweet flavor to your meals. From smoothies, teas, soups, to stews, our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder adds a unique and nourishing touch to your recipes. Experience the energizing aroma and revitalizing taste that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!
Elevate your home-cooked meals with the revitalizing power of our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder – a delicious and nutritious addition to your pantry that will take your culinary creations to new heights. These handpicked, organic mushrooms undergo a gentle air-drying process that preserves their natural goodness and unique adaptogenic properties, making them an ideal ingredient for a nourishing dining experience. Incorporating our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder into your cooking not only enhances the flavor but also boosts the nutritional profile of your meals. With its extended shelf life, this versatile dried mushroom powder is a practical and convenient addition to your pantry, ensuring you always have a delicious and healthful ingredient at hand. So, let the invigorating essence of Cordyceps mushrooms inspire your next gastronomic adventure and add a touch of vitality to your everyday dishes!
Experience the energizing power of our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder – a premium ingredient that adds a revitalizing touch to any dish, taking your cooking to new heights. Loved by health enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike, this potent mushroom powder is a must-have addition to your pantry. Our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder is made from carefully handpicked, organic mushrooms, which are gently air-dried using traditional methods to preserve their natural goodness and beautiful golden hue. Whether you’re making smoothies, teas, soups, or stews, our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder is the perfect ingredient to infuse your dishes with a unique and nourishing flavor profile. The earthy, slightly sweet taste of Cordyceps mushrooms will elevate your meals from ordinary to extraordinary. Try our Cordyceps Mushroom Powder today and indulge in the delicious world of revitalizing cuisine!

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